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Angiology Specialist Order

Order time: Monday from 3pm to 6pm

When should you visit an angiology specialist?


Angiology is the science of various diseases of arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels and their treatment. Angiologists therefore deal with diseases of the entire vascular and circulatory system.

What is the role of an angiologist?

An angiologist performs internal medicine work. Its task is to diagnose, monitor and, if necessary, treat diseases related to blood vessels with drugs or other therapy.

If the health problem requires surgical intervention, the selection of the appropriate procedure and the treatment is not carried out by the angiologist, but in all cases by the vascular surgeon . However, the rehabilitation after surgery is once again the responsibility of the angiologist.   As well as informing the affected patients about the lifestyle changes they should implement in order to improve their condition.

See an angiologist if you experience any of the following symptoms:
  • struggles with muscle spasms

  • your lower limbs swell, they start to get edematous (watery) ,

  • he feels pain in his legs,

  • your skin becomes discolored,

  • spider web-like veins appear on his lower limbs,

  • you have complaints of varicose veins,

  • in case of peptic ulcer, vasoconstriction, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.


You can find the appointment times on the page of each specialist appointment or next to the name of our specialists.

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